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What We Call “Home” Is Taking On A New Meaning … And Other Such Thoughts As We Near 2021

What We Call “Home” Is Taking On A New Meaning

As we enter further into a time of year that many refer to as “the holiday season,” my mind swarms with so many thoughts about the state of home buying and selling affairs, not just in our immediate area of Arlington, Virginia, but nationally as well.

Now that the presidential election has ended, and the days of autumn inch closer towards the upcoming winter season, I can’t help but think about all that’s happened in 2020 as well as what awaits us all in the coming new year.

At random, here are some of my various thoughts that come to mind as I reflect on the whirlwind that’s been 2020 and what I hope and see for 2021:

The evolution of “Home Sweet Home”

These days, it’s clear our ideas of “home sweet home” are evolving towards a more-than-a-residence type of experience where our houses multitask as healthy havens for quarantining or exercising, safe spaces for homeschooling, and productive areas for working remotely. As we embark on a new year, I suspect this trend will keep shifting and redefining itself, even well after the coronavirus pandemic.

Remote work trends liberate search parameters

Moreover, while the pervasiveness of remote work may fluctuate in the coming year, report after report predicts the working-from-home trend is here to stay. As a result, home buyers are no longer limited to searching for a place to live near a particular office or geographic location. This tremendously frees up home buyers, unlike ever before, to seek out homes in areas or neighborhoods they previously would not have considered.

The real estate market is an integral part of our economic recovery

National, regional, and local headlines since March of this year have been clear: our economy has been extraordinarily challenged and is working hard to persevere and re-flourish, in spite of the continued COVID-19 climate. 

Yet as a whole, the real estate market has been, and continues to be, a powerful and resilient sector in our economy, as well as pivotal to our nation’s financial recovery. In other words, housing continues to propel growth during this critical time.

Closing thoughts

As a longtime Realtor®, I’m so proud to have a front-row seat to our real estate market’s substantial economic contributions during these trying but interesting and evolving times. It’s also amazing knowing that assisting homebuyers and sellers in their quest to buy or sell their homes actively helps our economy at large continue its bounce back.

As the year draws to a close, and Thanksgiving looms just around the bend, it’s difficult not to feel so incredibly thankful for an endless list of people and things in my life. If you’re someone I’ve had a chance to help out this year, THANK YOU for that opportunity. 

And for those on the fence about buying or selling, I look forward to any opportunity where I may be of meaningful assistance to you and your real estate aspirations.

Thinking of you,



Photo credit: Naomi Hébert via Unsplash