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Arlington Neighborhoods: Housing Styles & Prices in Westover Village

Westover neighborhood in Arlington features many Colonial style homes

Most of Westover Village was developed before World War II, which is why 3- and 4-bedroom Colonial Revival style homes dominate the neighborhood.

Many of these style homes in Westover Village are still occupied by the original owners; some have been renovated and expanded.

Craftsmans, Cape Cods & Other Home Styles

Westover Village has many homes that have been expanded but keep their original look

Westover Village also has its fair share of other single-family home styles, including:

  • Craftsmans;
  • Cape Cods;
  • recent small townhome developments;
  • and 1940’s garden-style apartment buildings.

As with other close-in Arlington neighborhoods, there has been infill with larger custom homes with five or more bedrooms replacing original residences.

The average price of a home in Westover Village

The average year-to-date sales price for a single-family home (SFH) in Westover Village as of Dec. 31, 2023, was $1,256,775.

  • The lowest SFH sales price: $750,000
  • and the highest: $2.3 million

It takes an average of 20 days to sell a home in Westover.

Interested in buying or selling a home in the Westover Village neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia?

You can start searching for homes for sales in Westover Village here … or feel free to contact me at 703.447.0970 with any questions or comments or for a no-pressure, free consultation — I’d love to see if I could help you!

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