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Arlington Fun Fact: Arlington Was Once Part of D.C.

Fun fact about Arlington, Virginia

Time for another Arlington, Virginia, fun fact: Did you know Arlington County was originally part of Washington, D.C.?

? 1. When did the land now comprising of Arlington cede from Virginia?

? 2. Which U.S. President made the request?

? 3. What year was today’s Arlington land returned to Virginia?

Here are the answers!

? 1. The land in Virginia that now comprises Arlington County and the City of Alexandria was ceded to the federal government in 1790 to be part of the District of Columbia.

?2. t was made at the behest of U.S. President George Washington

? 3. The land was later returned to Virginia in 1847.

What you might not know is that even today a small strip of land on the “Virginia side” of the Potomac River is still part of D.C. That land runs from Memorial Circle at Arlington Memorial Bridge to Lady Bird Johnson Park and the Columbia Island Marina along the George Washington Memorial Parkway just south of Regan International Airport.

Learn more about this part of the history of D.C., Arlington and Alexandria at this very exhuative webpage from

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