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5 Tips for Buying or Selling Your Home During the Winter

Beautiful autumn streetscape in residential area of Arlington County, Virginia by Meg Ross Realtor

Many people ask me if they should buy or sell a home during the winter market, which is typically November, December, and January.

As with most things, my answer to this question largely depends on who you are and what your goals are, so I’ll break down my responses into homebuyer and home seller-related answers.

If you are a buyer

Should you buy a home during the winter months? by top Arlington Virginia Realtor Meg Ross

If you’re looking to sell

Should you sell a home during the winter months? by top Arlington Virginia Realtor Meg Ross

Here are 5 tips for buying or selling a home during the winter:

  1. Buyers should be quick with an offer.
    Other motivated buyers and sellers are also out there, so time is of the essence in securing a home.
  2. Sellers should not be quick to dismiss an offer.
    With less competition, buyers may be more likely to make a “low ball” offer than during the busy spring or fall seasons. Be open. If the initial offer is low, you don’t have anything to lose by countering the offer.
  3. Be open to negotiation.
    It’s likely that both seller and buyer are motivated to make a sale.
  4. Be flexible on closing/settlement times.
    Consider the holiday schedule, which affects not only lender and title company availability as well as employee vacation time and the family commitments that the seller and buyer likely have.
  5. Be joyful.
    You might end up with a great gift for your family during this often-festive time of year: A new home or the sale of the family home.

Want To Know More About Buying Or Selling Your Arlington Home In The Winter?

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