I Can Help You Buy a Home In the Arlington, Virginia, area

Hereare 7 ways I will help you find a home you’ll love:

  1. I will analyze your wants and needs and answer your home buying questions during a free consultation.
  2. I will recommend qualified lending professionals who you can speak with to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan.
  3. I will guide you to homes that best fit your criteria to save you time.
  4. I will advise you on making the perfect offer.
  5. I will negotiate the sames contract and oversee all of the details.
  6. I will provide access to my network of preferred providers – from title companies to home inspectors to contractors and painters to get your home in top top shape, and more – and coordinate the work for you.
  7. I will represent your best interests at all times.

Additional Home Buying Details

Free Consultation

Buying a home involves a series of extremely complex steps that are best navigated with the advice of a local real estate expert.

During our free consultation, you and I will have a chance to meet and discuss what you are looking for in a home: it’s features, location and style.

Our consultation will also allow you to leverage my Arlington, Virginia-focused neighborhoods and market expertise, understand my process, and help you decide if you’d like me to represent you.

Mortgage Loan Pre-Approval

Want to make a serious offer? Then you’ll need to be pre-approved for a mortgage before making offer on a home. Pre-approval also helps you understand how much you can afford before you start house hunting.

I recommend to all the buyers I represent that they obtain mortgage pre-approval.

Why get pre-approved? There are 3 key reasons:

  1. With financing pre-approval you will get an accurate idea of how much you can afford before you start house hunting and save yourself the grief of looking at houses you can’t afford.
  2. Pre-approval strengthens your negotiating position which puts you in a better position to make a serious offer on a home. Sellers want to see secured financing; they will not accept a contract without a lender pre-approval letter.
  3. Lenders will provide you with estimated closing costs, down payment amounts, interest rates and monthly housing payments for your planning purposes.

If you don’t have a lender, I can provide you with several trusted local mortgage lenders in the area who you can talk to about your financing.

Searching For Your Home

First, I will listen to what it is you want in your home: its features, location and style. Then, I will use extensive knowledge of the Arlington-area housing market to compile a list of properties based on your criteria and budget and guide you to homes that best fit your criteria using my local expertise and comprehensive home search technology.

I will also preview homes for you to save you valuable time. Then, we’ll look at properties together to help find the perfect home for you.

I will also set up automated emails that will alert you to all new listings, price and status changes so that the minute a new property hits the market you will be the first to know about it.

Search Arlington, Alexandria, Falls church and other area homes for sale.

Making an Offer to Buy

Making an appealing offer is key to securing the home you want. I will help you determine the right price to offer by looking at recent comparable home sales, analyzing list price to sales price ratios, examining the local market and more.

While negotiating the price is key, it’s only one aspect of an offer to buy a home.

I will also provide you with impartial advice on other contingencies, including home inspection, financing, appraisal, home sale, and more when structuring your offer. I will prepare and submit your offer.

My streamlined document system is paperless so that signatures can be done electronically from any device, including your phone.

Savvy Negotiation

As a skilled and experienced negotiator, I’ll help you negotiate a purchase contract that is in your best interests. I’ll also ensure that you get the best price and favorable closing terms.

However, the process is not over once we have a ratified contract to purchase your home. There are still several hurdles to cross before we reach the settlement table.

In any given real estate transaction, there are more than 50 documents, 100 signatures and at least a dozen parties involved, from the buyer and seller to realtors, home inspectors, lenders, title companies and more.

I will oversee all of the transactional details for you, manage deadlines and coordinate everything for you to ensure a successful and stress-free purchase.


Once we have an approved contract, I will line up all of the necessary inspections – including a professional home inspection to assess the condition of the home. I will also work with you to sort through all of the reports, ensuring any concerns you have are addressed with the seller.

In a similar fashion to negotiating price, there is an art to getting seemingly unwilling sellers to address property condition concerns.

Closing the Deal

Once your offer has been accepted, inspections are complete, and financing is in order, you’ll need to do one last thing – attend the settlement.

I will help you select a title company to arrange all of the necessary paperwork and conduct the settlement.

At settlement, I will be there to answer any questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the voluminous paperwork you’ll be required to sign.

When your closing is finished, congratulations, you’ll finally have the keys to your new home!

Learn more about how I can assist you with your home buying needs

To find out more and to discuss all of the ways that I can assist you in buying a home in Arlington, Virginia, please call or text me at 703-447-0970 or email me for a free consultation.