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Arlington’s Election Instagram Style


I regularly scour Instagram to spotlight cool happenings, curious people, and interesting stuff throughout Arlington, Virginia. Here’s a short rundown of a few fantastic Election Instagram finds, including:

  • What voting looked like then
  • Our pride in voting now

Polling Locations Then

Here is a look back at what voting was like in the 1950’s in Arlington, VA. In the days leading up to the election, here we see three gentlemen moving a voting machine as part of the preparation. How long do you think it took count votes and release election results back then?

Polling Locations Now

Since the 50’s, it feels like technological advancements have been occurring at an exponential rate. Some things, however, aren’t all that different. It all starts with a step towards that voting sign, followed by stepping into the booth and adding your voice to the voices of millions of other citizens.

Arlington’s Voting Pride

This lovely voter, @heyfrase, was clearly exuding her voting pride at the polls in Arlington this election season!

Reasons to Vote!

While everyone has different reasons why they vote, these proud Arlington parents dedicated their election vote to their girls, Abigail and Eliza. ❤

A High Paw to All Who’ve Voted in Arlington, VA!

No words are needed as this bulldog pic seems to say it all! The most important takeawayay from this and other voting seasons that we must make our voices heard!


That’s it for this Arlington Instagram go ’round!

Until next time! And if you want more of The Arlington Life on Instagram, you can follow me on IG @meg_ross_arlingtonvaagent.

~ Meg